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Clubs and Societies

We believe that education extends beyond regular lessons

We cherish the profound impact of clubs and societies in shaping well-rounded individuals. Recognizing that learning thrives in diverse experiences, our college fosters an environment where these extracurricular activities are held in equal esteem. We encourage students not only to excel academically, but also to explore, lead and grow through active participation in our array of clubs and societies.

List of Available Clubs

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Book Club

Cine Club

Garden Club

Gym Club

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Music Club

Role Playing Club

Tennis Club

List of Societies

Each society is a community where one can meet peers who share their faculty, exchange valuable information and collaborate to bring speakers, projects, presentations, lectures or seminars to the college.

  • Social Studies Society (Economia, Scienze Politiche, CIM)
  • Pharmacy Society (Farmacia, CTF)
  • Engineering and AI Society (Ingegneria, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Society for Humanistic Studies (Lettere, Filosofia, Lingue)
  • Medical Society (Medicina, Scienze Motorie, Professioni Sanitarie)
  • Mathematics and Physics Society
  • Natural Sciences Society (Chimica, Biologia e Biotecnologie)
  • Political Science and Communication Society